Go Green on the Great Blue Sea: Peaceboat Ecoship

The world’s most eco-friendly cruise ship has been designed in Spain.

A Japanese company called ONG, nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, chose Oliver Design to execute the planning and architecture of a cruise ship that very likely will change the way we operate in maritime travel.

The Peaceboat Ecoship will be a 60,000 ton ocean linear, able to house over 2,000 passengers. Armed with unique, eco-friendly features like collapsible solar panels that can act as sails, energy conservers, and high-level waste disposal technology, this ship is nothing short of transformative.

great blue sea peaceboat ecoship  luxury bedroom design

While still very much in the design phase, ONG envisions the liner to be up and running by 2020 so that it is serviceable in time for the Tokyo Olympics happening in the same year. The contract for building the actual ship has been picked up by a Finnish shipyard, making this a truly international endeavor.

The ship was originally designed in form by naval architect, Jamie Oliver, by studying the body of a whale he saw stranded on a beach in San Sebastian in 2012.

Head over to Oliver Design to see this impressive and forward-thinking piece of architecture for yourself.

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