The Gotham Project Superyacht is Exactly What It Sounds Like

Touting itself as a “wolf in wolf’s clothing” is new The Gotham Project Superyacht. The impressive luxury vessel was designed to look straight out of a modern day Batman movie. As Batman himself might say: mission accomplished. Indeed, we can only imagine the kind of shock and awe this 150 ft. beast will inspire once it takes to the high seas.

gotham project superyacht luxury design

Representing a partnership between Naval Architects, Bristow-Holmes and Icon Yachts, The Gotham Project Superyacht couples extravagance and power with jaw-dropping precision. And that’s just the exterior. Backing up the yacht’s downright defiant posturing are twin 2000hp MTU engines and the ability to reach up to 26 knots. Naturally, the interior is no less formidable. It features a custom glass wine cellar, gymnasium, symmetrical entertainment areas and five cabins among other things.

gotham project superyacht top view

The wealthy get to play with the biggest toys and The Gotham Project Superyacht seems to be practically exploiting the concept. To call it a fantasy turned reality would be more or less redundant. Available in both black and white versions, the superyacht is set to land in 2019. Pirates, beware – this is the superyacht we deserve, but maybe not the one we need right now.

Check it out

gotham project superyacht luxury seat

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