The Hartman Livingstone 24 Yacht is Part Mark Twain and Part Mark Cuban

And the award for “most inconspicuous yacht of the year” might very well go to the Livingstone 24 from Hartman Yachts. In contrast to most contemporary luxury vessels, the Livingstone 24 takes design cues from 1930s ocean liners and consequently emanates with old school vibes…on the outside that is. Inside, you’ll find plenty of modern elegance along with the occasional retro adornment. Call it a bridge between two worlds, and a welcomed change of pace from the standard high end fare.

hartman livingstone 24 yacht outlook

When it comes to Hartman Yachts, pairing vintage design with modern allure is par for the course. The Dutch company has been custom building yachts since 2003, however the place they call home boasts over a thousand years of nautical history. Formerly an island known as Urk, the area was once more or less exclusively dependent on fishing in the adjacent North Sea. Needless to say, Hartman Yachts has maritime industriousness in their bloodstream and profound respect for quality cruisers of all eras.

hartman livingstone 24 yacht bedroom

Such workmanlike roots are made clearly evident on the Livingstone 24. It’s a modest, classic yacht that doesn’t announce itself by way of opulent outward gestures. Instead, it aims for a prime vintage exterior while keeping the luxury indoors. We like your style, Livingstone 24.

Check it out

hartman livingstone 24 yacht side view

hartman livingstone 24 yacht big dining room

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