Hop Aboard the Norwegian Bliss to Race Cars and Shoot Lasers

A cruise is a destination many seek out for relaxation or comfort. They can be fun, sun-filled reprieves from daily life, that often return you to dry land with darkened skin and a mean hangover… typically when you head home, you’re not a more experienced go-kart racer or a laser tag fiend.

norwegian bliss cruise ship front

That no longer has to be the case. The Norwegian Bliss cruise ship has now been equipped with both a highly-detailed race track and a fully functional laser tag arena that puts you in an apocalyptic future setting, onboard an abandoned spacecraft.

norwegian bliss cruise ship playing game

Zip past the great blue sea as your spin yourself round and round on the world’s largest sea-based race track. Zoom past your friends on the Bliss’s two-level competitive race track that puts even the most experienced driver’s skills to the test.

norwegian bliss cruise ship playing shooting game

When you’re dizzy from endless laps atop the tranquil seas, head over to the broken-down space station and search for what caused this futuristic calamity. All the while, make sure you dodge the shots of your fierce shipmate competitors.

norwegian bliss cruise ship cave design

Norwegian has been pulling out all the stops for a while now and this might be their best move yet. Head over to the Bliss booking site to reserve your trip today.

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