IWC x Solaris Yacht side view

IWC Pairs with Solaris Yacht for Nautical Precision

The watch world and the nautical world have a long history of collaboration, and now that history is taking a new turn with a partnership between watchmaker IWC and Solaris Yacht. Dubbed the Double Moon in reference to IWC’s legendary perpetual calendar complication, the yacht is a perfect representation of watchmaking precision and yacht building luxury.

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luxury IWC x Solaris Yacht

“The Solaris 55 is an elegant and modern sailing yacht with sleek lines, sport-inspired features and high-quality furnishings. It perfectly matches the nautical universe of the Portugieser. As a long-time sailor, I am particularly pleased that the most iconic watch family can now finally set sail,” says Christain Knoop, creative director of IWC Schaffhausen.

IWC x Solaris Yacht on the sea

The story of the Solaris 55 traces its roots back to the 1930s when the first Portugieser was developed. This wristwatch was put together with inspiration from the marine chronometer, using deck observation watches as a base. To put the yacht together, Solaris Yachts started with a 55-foot long racer/cruiser. Designers and builders then adapted the yacht to match different codes found in the Portugieser collection. Details abound in the yacht—from the braided blue leather used on the stairs’ handrails inspired by the calf leather used on the Portugieser Boutique Edition watch straps, to the cleats and winches featuring the polished chrome that recalls the finished cases of the finished metal cases of the watches. The table of the saloon integrates a glass display watch box to bring things together even more. Orlebar Brown, the British design fashion label, contributed colour-coordinated textiles for the craft.

IWC x Solaris Yacht

“It was an exceptional project in every respect,” says Fabrizio de Falco, the product manager at Solaris Yachts, “and we are all very proud of the result. In an extraordinary and tangible way, this yacht embodies the passion for craftsmanship and design that is lived every day both at Solaris Yachts and IWC.”

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