The Jet Capsule Mini Jet is a Yacht’s Runabout

If starships in Star Trek can have shuttles, why can’t today’s yachts? That’s where the Mini Jet from Jet Capsule comes in. If you need a visual of what this craft looks like, just take a gander at the mouse you’re using for your computer. The basic shape is very similar. The size, of course, is not. The Mini Jet measures 7.35 meters by 3.44 meters. The interior has standing room of 1.8 meters, and, depending on the customizable configuration, could sit around 13 people.

jet capsule mini jet yacht high speed

Owning an actual yacht is not a prerequisite for having a Mini Jet, and it’s capabilities prove that. It can be equipped with single or dual engines, with 370 to 740 horsepower respectively. Top speeds come in at 35 knots, or 40 miles per hour. First look may have you thinking that there’s not much potential outside of this little boat being more than a water taxi, but such thoughts are missing the potential. The Mini Jet could really be a miniature yacht. It can be customized to include a small kitchen and bathroom as well as beds. Add in mood lighting and a sundeck, and you have a luxurious watercraft for entertaining and vacationing.

jet capsule mini jet yacht back side

The Mini Jet is affordable, especially compared to its larger cousins. In part, those cost savings are effected by it being made of 70 percent carbon made by vacuum-infusion molding. The windows are also photochromatic, which allows them to change transparency in response to light.

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jet capsule mini jet yacht luxury chair coach

jet capsule mini jet yacht luxury leather seat

jet capsule mini jet yacht luxury table

jet capsule mini jet yacht cover with glass

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