Luxury Boat Syndicates Makes Owning a Dream Yacht an Affordable Reality

Owning a boat is arguably one of the great joys in life. While some may profess that the two happiest days of any boat owner’s life are the day he buys his vessel and the day he sells it, a day on the water is one of the best benefits of living in Sydney and something we could all use more of. Though getting behind the wheel of a yacht can be an expensive affair fraught with ongoing costs and maintenance, there is an easy and affordable way to own the boat of your dreams without reaching too far into your hip pocket on the reg: sharing the costs.

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While most of us would probably be hard pressed to find a handful of mates willing to fork out the dosh for a luxury cruiser, the team at Luxury Boat Syndicates have taken the hard work out of the equation, and make time-sharing a posh boat impossibly easy. Shares in syndicates are sold to those who want a slice of the high life for vessels docked at Point Piper or The Spit, and time is divvied up fairly between co-owners to guarantee quality times afloat for all.

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Fuel and maintenance is looked after, as well as a skipper if you need one. Training is provided for each vessel by the team – once you’re set to go the boat’s yours for your time slot. Take it wherever you like, sleep on it, share it with your guests and do as you please. If you’d like seafood and Champagne on ice ready to go when you arrive, they’ll do that too. Basically all the best bits of owning a boat (including bragging rights) without any of the tedium that goes along with the investment, and all for a fraction of the price – not a bad deal.

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This is probably the easiest and smartest way to get out onto Sydney harbour regularly and in style. If you’ve ever pined for a yacht of your very own but couldn’t stomach the initial outlay or the ongoing costs then give Luxury Boat Syndicates a call – you might just be surprised.

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