Mercedes-Benz AMG X Cigarette Racing 515 Project One has Outlaw Ties

As far as go-fast boats are concerned, you don’t get much faster than the Mercedes-Benz AMG X Cigarette Racing 515 Project. But what can you expect from a boat that has a notorious heritage? Don Aronow started Cigarette Racing with speedboats that ripped through the ocean like rockets. The notoriety of the boats comes from their original use—as rum-runners during prohibition. Since those early days, “go-fast” boats have been used for all sorts of smuggling, from rum, to drugs, to even cigarettes. Because of their long, slender shape, the boats are hard to spot with radar, and, because of their powerful motors, even harder to catch up with, making them a popular choice for outlaws. Aronow and his boats owned speedboat racing for years, cementing his legacy for speed on the water.

mercedes benz amg x cigarette racing 515 side

When you take the need for speed of racing—and smuggling—boats and add in the inspiration of a Mercedes-Benz AMG, you know you’ll get a speedboat that has plenty of power, style, and comfort. Project 515 is a 51 foot five inch boat with a slim height of 7 feet 9 inches. Twin Mercury Racing 1550/1350QC4v dual calibration engines propel this performer through the water at surprising speeds. Project 515’s low center of gravity improves handling and performance, and its optimized running surface and careful weigh distribution improves tracking, especially in rough conditions. That power couples nicely with the luxurious accommodations. Whether you’re outrunning competition or…someone else, this is the boat to do it in.

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mercedes benz amg x cigarette racing 515 seats

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