MM725 Sailing Yacht by Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design is Advanced and Old School at Once

Thirty years of experience went into creating the MM725 sailing yacht by Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design. The 72.5-meter luxury yacht has a modern design that relies on the oldest source of locomotion—the wind.

The yacht features several fold-down balconies on either side of the cockpit as well as large glass panels, which combine for a sense of increased space and more natural light. The foredeck becomes a pool area at night, with illumination as well as a sunken lounge. Inside, the dining and lounge areas offer plenty of seating on white leather couches, all centred around the black oval table.

Following the idea of openness, the main cabin is lined with floor-to-ceiling windows so that occupants can take in the whole panoramic view of the expansive ocean. From this cabin you can access the beach club, which also features fold-down platforms.

MM725 Yacht

Usually, megayachts are powered, but McKeon opted for sails for the MM725. The downwind sails stow away under the deck on a reel. The MM725 also has a lifting keel and squaretop mainsail. While natural light is a focus for the yacht, there is also a bimini, or as McKeon calls it a “Bedouin canopy,” for shade.

sailing yacht

To get the full effect of the MM725, you can fork over the millions that this yacht will no doubt fetch, or take a virtual tour offered by AltSpace Studio.

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