The Navatec UHAC Military Vehicle Lets Tanks Roll on Water

Walking on water just became a reality, thanks to the nautical geniuses over at Navatek. Well, rolling on water, but it’s a step closer. Their Ultra Heavy Amphibious Connector, better known by the acronym UHAC, is an amphibious military vehicle built to transport heavy pieces of ground equipment—namely tanks—across the ocean or large bodies of water. In fact, each UHAC can hold three full sized Abrams military tanks in each load and carry them across the surface of any body of water.

navatec uhac military vehicle rolling on water

navatec uhac military vehicle side body

Built itself like a large tank, with treads on each side of it’s body, the lightweight yet solid material on its track system give UHAC the ground pressure of just a few pounds per square inch, which is lighter than a full grown adult’s footstep. This design allows the UHAC to quite literally spin it’s treads across the surface of an ocean, a lake, a swamp or anything else that isn’t solid ground and would lead to anything other than a boat to sink. Yet, unlike a boat, the UHAC can also roll right off a liquid surface onto hard land and keep moving, giving the military—or any major industry that uses heavy equipment—the ability to move more quickly and efficiently, without a lack of solid ground standing in their way.

Expect to see this tread technology Navatek has created for UHAC used more prominently in the future.

navatec uhac military vehicle front side

navatec uhac military vehicle wheel

navatec uhac military vehicle a part of wheel

navatec uhac military vehicle back side

navatec uhac military vehicle on the sea

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