The NEYK 9F Is a Bespoke Luxury Submarine

Gone are the days when a luxury yacht is the ultimate status symbol. There is a new way for the wealthy to blow their fortune. The filthy rich are taking their extravagant parties below the water—in their very own bespoke submarine.

The NEYK Submarine is a luxury vessel that is expected to launch early next year. It is the result of a collaboration between Rolls-Royce, Ocean Submarine, and Bosch. Shaped like a teardrop, the Nyek Submarine can hold up to eight passengers. A unique thing about this submarine is that owners can customize it exactly as they desire. Once ordered, the builders work directly with the owner to design the level of usage and luxury that they want.

neyk 9f bespoke luxury submarine flying

The craft is built out of HY-80 steel. Thanks to modular construction, it can plunge 150 meters below the surface of the ocean. Two 100-kW electric motor pods help propel the vessel to a top speed of 15 knots. The NEYK is quite impressive when it comes to maneuverability. It can turn on its axis in just seconds.

neyk 9f bespoke luxury submarine control room

The 19-metre long, 100-ton vessel can carry up to eight people. The custom built for the owner by a team of naval designers. It has six large viewing ports. Owners can choose leather seats, a marble table, a library, flat-screen TVs and a galley that comes complete with crystal dishware. There is even an option for a diver airlock.

neyk 9f bespoke luxury submarine engine

The cockpit features fly-by-wire controls. Large airplane-style panoramic windows provide plenty of visibility. There is even an option to have the nose swapped out for a 270-degree observation acrylic dome.

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