Is This The Future of Boating? The Peugeot X Beneteau Sea Drive Concept

The Beneteau Sea Drive Concept by Peugeot takes boating into the future. Peugeot teamed up with Beneteau to bring its i-Cockpit technology into the nautical world.

i-Cockpit is currently featured in over four million cars. The technology was designed to make the driving experience more pleasurable. Peugeot started with a more compact steering wheel to enhance handing and driving sensation. The head’s up display keeps all the information a driver needs right in his line of sight, and the large touchscreen features intuitive controls for comfort (radio, environment, etc.).

peugeot x beneteau sea drive concept root controller

Beneteau’s contribution was its new Ship Control technology. This technology revolves around a program called Advanced Monitoring System (AMS). AMS centralizes the information a ship pilot needs to make any voyage safer and more comfortable.

peugeot x beneteau sea drive concept outlook

Melding the worlds of driving and boating resulted in a more compact and agile control center for a boat. The design still feature’s i-Cockpit’s compact steering wheel as well as a 17-inch touchscreen display, where Ship Control provides instant access to the boat’s many functions. There’s also a folding panel that shows navigational information. A row of toggle switches allow the pilot access to many different functions as well.

peugeot x beneteau sea drive concept luxury chair

Putting the two programs together results in improved ergonomics, performance, and comfort. The design is minimalistic, doing away with row upon row of switches and toggles. Instead, it’s all kept clean and precise, which lets the pilot focus on piloting instead of finding the right switch.

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