Project 814 Super Yacht is Spectacular in its Immensity

Is bigger better? Sure, it’s a question that has plagued men all around the world throughout history, but not the Project 814 Super Yacht. Created by Feadship in its Royal van Lent Facility in Kaag, the Netherlands, Project 814 measures 93 meters. The yacht was designed by Michael Leach Design, with Raymond Langton working up the plans for the interior.

De Voogt Naval Architects develop the yacht’s naval architecture. Even with five years of construction under its belt, the yacht is still in construction, with the balconies and wing stations still needing to be added.

super yacht sky view

Project 814 features a fully certified helipad on the upper aft deck. Four luxurious VIP suites are housed on the inside. There’s even a two-level IMAX cinema in the yacht. Outside, there’s room for plenty of activities, including soccer, basketball, volleyball, and golf, amongst other options.

aerial view project 814 yacht

If you’re wondering what the top one per cent live like, look no further than Project 814. You might be tempted to wonder what the owner of this giant craft might be compensating for, but let’s be honest—it’s not like you would turn it down if this ship was offered to you, right?

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side view yacht ferry