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Nick Starks’ Project M Yacht is Actually a ‘High-Performance Private Island’

With how luxurious yachts are, you could be excused for thinking that the purpose of these craft is to keep passengers inside. Considering that most super yachts have more amenities than the average home, and are presented in such posh accommodations, there seems little purpose in venturing outdoors. But then, what is the purpose of sailing if not to be involved in some way with the outdoors? Australian design studio Nick Stark Design has unveiled a new yacht that solves this conundrum. The 81-metre Project M comes with all the luxury and trappings of a superyacht, yet has the express purpose of making the connection between passengers and the world outside.

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Project M yacht | Image: Nick Stark Design

“The key was to bring the outside in,” says Stark. “The extensive use of glazing makes this a yacht of light.” That “extensive use of glazing” is especially evident in the large windows featured in the guest accommodations on the main deck. There are plenty of panoramic views as well. The catamaran design also allowed for a pretty extensive build. The yacht boasts an impressive 2,690GT of interior space built on a 22-metre-long beam. “The size of the interior combines with the efficient catamaran platform gives you essentially a high-performance private island,” remarked Stark.

On that island, an exterior space that includes a pool with purpose-built lighting and a DJ system. Next to the wheelhouse and offices on the main deck, there is an intimate lounge complete with a grand piano and a theatre room. The owner’s suite includes a private deck complete with a Jacuzzi and a lounge. Also in the owner’s suite are his and hers bathrooms and freestanding baths.

“The huge internal spaces afforded by a catamaran allow for unparalleled flexibility for the owner to craft their dream yacht,” designer Stark said. “The 2690GT design mixed with the efficient catamaran platform gives you essentially a high-performance private island.”

To further connect with the outside world, passengers can use the viewing lounge on the forward main deck. Project M also has space for two helidecks to allow easy access to shore and to the boat. If helicopters aren’t available, there are three tender compartments between the hulls. Project M is indeed an island unto itself; one where you can reconnect with the purpose of being out on the water to begin with.

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Project M yacht | Image: Nick Stark Design

Nick starks project m catamaran

Project M yacht | Image: Nick Stark Design

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Project M yacht | Image: Nick Stark Designv

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