Q30 Electric Boat Makes a Big, Silent Splash

Q-Yachts started with the vision of building a silent propulsion system for boats. After a decade of work, Oceanvolt was developed. Now that same system is being brought to bear on a 100 percent electric motor yacht, the Q30.

steering wheel electric boat

The Q30 measures 9.3 meters by 2.2 meters. The cockpit comfortably sits the captain and a passenger, while four crewmembers can sit at the table, with room for two more on the sundeck. Below, the cabin has ample room for relaxation during maritime voyages. The hull of the Q30 is made of vynylester with a glass fiber skin over a foam core both above and below the waterline. The finish is a white gelcoat, which stands out nicely against the warm tones of the wood accents and deck. The Q30 is a smart looking craft, but what’s impressive is its propulsion.

inside view Q30 boat

The Q30 is equipped with an Oceanvolt AXC20 electric motor that runs off of the Oceanvolt 20kWh lithium battery pack (an optional 60kWh pack is also available). The AXC20 has 20Kw of continuous power, and can cruise comfortably at 9 knots with a max speed of 15 knots. Depending on the battery choice, the Q30 has a range of 42 to 80 kWh at cruising speed. Even running at 14.5 knots, the Q30 only creates about 34.5 dB of sound—a typical conversation measures between 60 to 65dB. Not only is the electric power good for the environment, but you’ll also be preventing any noise pollution as well.

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