Rosetti’s Orca Explorer Yacht is Insane

There’s a fairly obvious reason how Rosetti’s new 65-meter superyacht got its moniker. The aptly named Orca was recently unveiled, and, yes, the color scheme is indeed there, but the inspiration for the yacht actually comes from the killer whale’s predilection for traveling through cold waters. The Orca was designed to follow suit, allowing passengers to explore everything from the Arctic and Antarctic to more tropical waters.

rosetti orca yacht view deck

“The organic design traits mimic the orca or killer whale, the largest most powerful member of the dolphin family,” states Fulvio Dodich, Rosetti Superyacht’s chairman. That organic design includes wrap-around glazing as well as a radar mast that was made to look like a dorsal fin. Just like the actual orca is the biggest of its family, the Rosetti Orca is pretty big, featuring space for 12 guests in six cabins. An owner’s suite and a full-beam VIP suite offer luxurious trappings, while the other four rooms are no slouches either. The Orca also offers accommodations for crew on the portside. In total, there are four decks to the Orca, making room for a large gym; a study; an wide open main salon; a dining room; a sundeck that includes a bar, pool, and sunbathing area; and a galley with dining facilities. There is also plenty of space for cranes and a helipad plus a garage for tenders and water toys.

rosetti orca yacht back view

The Orca was developed in partnership with Meccano Engineering. To get the yacht through cold and warm waters, it comes equipped with a twin CAT 3512 1398kW engines. At a cruising speed of 12 knots, the Orca can easily travel 5,000 miles.

rosetti orca yacht top view

Getting an Orca to your dock will take around three years for construction, but Rosetti is ready to start right now. “We have already done the concept engineering and completed the technical specifications for Project Orca,” says Dodich, “and if we sell the boat tomorrow and want to make a start on it, we can begin construction.”

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rosetti orca yacht front

rosetti orca yacht side view

rosetti orca explorer yacht