new seabubbles transport system

Seabubbles Transport System Utilizes History’s First Byways

The Seabubbles Transport System takes us back to the days of early man. When it came time to find a quicker, easier way to transport himself and his cargo, early man discovered the benefit of utilizing rivers and bodies of water to move from point A to point B. Seabubbles takes that same idea and modernizes it. With the prospect of 4 billion cars on the road by 2050, the idea of dealing with all the clogged traffic is not very appealing. Seabubbles uses a system of a Bubble (the transport), a dock, and an app.

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The Bubble is a 100 percent electric transport that, at the speed of 7.5 miles per hour, actually flies above the water, preventing motion sickness, sudden movements, and waves. It’s the same technology used in the Hydroptere. The Bubble’s clean energy use is beneficial to the environment, and since it uses waterways instead of highways, up to five people will be taken off of the already crowded roads and streets.

The docks are more than just floating piers. They’re also charging stations that harvest energy from the sun, wind, and water. Each dock can be custom-built for any location.

Finally, the app will allow passengers to book Bubbles online as well as locate where the closest docks are.

This exciting system uses a time-tested mode of transport, all with zero impact on the ecosystem and no more impact on your wallet than what a regular cab would cost.

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