Own Your Own Sub with U-Boat Worx Cruise Series Submarines

Here’s a question you probably never thought you’d take seriously: want to buy your own submarine? Thanks to U-Boat Worx that ridiculous question is now a very practical reality. Their Cruise Sub Series has multi-purpose luxury submersibles with a surprisingly large seating capacity, allowing anywhere from 5 to 11 people to go underwater to depths of as much as 1700 meters.

u boat worx cruise show seat

Of course, operating a submersible is not as simple as driving a luxury car off the lot, but it’s something that can be learned in a very short time—much shorter than basic naval training would require. The outsides all have double port viewing, which allows passengers and pilots alike to see more than 180 degrees of what’s around them while they are underwater. Inside are revolving seats and the ultimate amount of comfort one could expect from a small vessel hundreds of meters below the ocean’s surface. Regular maintenance is surprisingly simple as well, with the only real requirement being that you have to wash the submersible with fresh water after each trip in the ocean. Most of these subs also have 18 hours or more of oxygen stored up for a submersible at full capacity, meaning you will have more than enough for a standard trip underwater.

It’s suddenly like James Cameron’s The Abyss has become a reality. Without the aliens, of course. Yet.

Check it out

u boat worx cruise show different colors

u boat worx cruise top view

u boat worx cruise on sea

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