The Superfly GT 42: The Best of Speed and Comfort

For those looking to make a splash at the local marina, the Superfly GT 42 Yacht may be just the thing you’re after. With seriously supreme speed and power, this yacht is no doubt going to raise a few eyebrows (and probably scare the shit out of some marine life). Despite its frankly brutal appearance and power, the Superfly GT 42 is built to make the ride as comfortable as possible. Created by Red Yacht Design and Flying Flipper, the yacht was designed for incredible driving and racing performance, but with enough elegance to its design to make anyone notice.

superfly gt 42 racing performance

The Superfly GT 42 has a body of lightweight carbon which, combined with multiple engine configurations, such as the double Mercury 400 HP and the triple Seven Marine 627 HP, gives it 1881 HP on the stern. For those looking for a hybrid option, Torqueedo offers an electric motor in the center surrounded by two outboard motors.

superfly gt 42 comfort seat

However, it is not just about the power as there is the automatic glass hard top and comfort seating. While the outside is all about ensuring a fast ride with minimal drag, the inside is all about enjoying the ride. Inside the yacht is a full kitchen, closed-off shower and a dining area that is large enough for entertaining.

superfly gt 42 comfort bedroom

With the Superfly 42, you’ll get to your destination in the least possible time, which will leave you with plenty of time to enjoy wherever you end up. This vessel hits a very sweet spot between speed and comfort. It will no doubt create a lot of attention wherever it goes, just as it was designed to do.

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superfly gt 42 controller room

superfly gt 42 controller seat

superfly gt 42 very speed and comfort

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