Suzuki’s 350-Horsepower V6 Outboard DF350A Motor Designed to Power Larger Boats

Suzuki Marine, a leader in marine performance and technology, recently announced the arrival of its latest outboard motor. The DF350A was unveiled at a gala for media and boat builders in Florida earlier this month. This motor took three years to build and represents the company’s commitment to design and engineering.

The goal of building this motor was to match the trend towards bigger and more powerful boats. The DF350A was designed to deliver the kind of performance and power needed for the new breed of performance yachts.

suzuki 350 horsepower v6 outboard df350a motor engine

This 350-horsepower V6 four-stroke outboard motor is the most powerful, largest outboard motor that Suzuki has built to date. It weighs in at almost 330 kg and features a high-performance compression ratio of 12:1. This represents the highest compression ratio for an outboard motor. The problem with most high compression engines is engine knock. The unique combination of dual fuel injectors, cool air intake and stronger pistons has helped to eliminate this issue.

The DF350A features a uniquely designed air intake system that allows the engine to draw in ample air—while also separating out moisture, spray and water. Dual louvres, located under the hood, help trap moisture as it enters the engine cowling. This results in zero water intake. The intake air temperatures average 10 degrees cooler than ambient temperatures. This provides the combustion chamber with dense, cold air which results in a more powerful cycle.

Other features include dual fuel injectors, advanced piston technology and Suzuki’s dual prop system, which helps to increase traction and stability.

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