Take to The Water the Right Way With The Hammock Raft

Ever dreamt of drifting down a river in a hammock? Well neither had I until the Hammocraft Hammock Raft sailed into my life and showed me why I should have been.

Seemingly designed by the hammock loving Homer Simpson, the Hammocraft let’s you take on the high seas in ultimate comfort. Consisting of a high quality aluminium and stainless steel frame, the Hammocraft is easy to set up and take down ensuring you remain in a permanent lazy state. Capable of slinging five hammocks at once, this device literally lets you hang out with your mates on the water. The Hammocraft is ideally placed on top of paddle boards and river rafts for a smooth, uninterrupted nap as you sail. While created using the same materials as whitewater raft frames, it is not recommended you take the Hammocraft anywhere more extreme than a lake or a wave-free beach.

The Hammocraft Hammock Raft proves you can be lazy just about anywhere as it lets you enjoy the great outdoors the way nature undoubtedly intended.

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