Taking the Paddle Board to the Next Level with the Fitzke Wood Paddle Board

It only makes sense that a luxury paddleboard would be created in a place like Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes. And when you consider these lakes are completely frozen over for more than a quarter of the year, it makes their passion and appreciation for these bodies of water all the more real. While the common paddleboard is basically a long longboard you balance upon in the middle of the water and paddle across the surface, the luxury Fitzke Wood Paddle Board takes this simple, fun activity to the next level of convenience and style.

fitzke wood paddle board boat feature

Fitzke’s first wood paddle board is called The Bootlegger, with a design that is remindful of prohibition-era boats and planes. The vessel has numerous different water resistant compartments that are ideal for things like shoes, watches, shoes, wallets and cell phones. The paddle board itself is bulky and somewhere between a board and a canoe that has been cut in half. It is built by hand out of the best marine grade mahogany plywood on the market, and built with less than 10 percent solid wood, so that it minimizes any chance of expansion due to weather, climate change and exposure to different temperatures of water.

fitzke wood paddle board boat beautiful look

With all this polish, shine and other convenient details, the Fitzke wood paddle board is almost too beautiful to take out on the water. Almost.

Check it out

fitzke wood paddle board boat beautiful design

fitzke wood paddle board boat beautiful ground seat

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