The Game Changer Yacht Lives Up to its Name

When you’re out to buy a yacht, you don’t necessarily think about modding it, but that’s exactly what the owner of the Game Changer did. Damen, the ship builder, took the 227-foot yacht and made several changes to meet the needs of the owner. Game Changer is actually classified as a yacht Support Vessel, and is one of 12 such vessels that Damen is building. The owner wanted a vessel that could literally travel to the farthest corners in the world. So Damen refitted the boat so that it is now Arctic and Antarctic certified in compliance with the IMO Polar Code.

private lounge area yacht

Game Changer will be used for marine conservation, ocean research, and documenting ocean biodiversity. To accomplish that, the yacht comes with a C-Researcher submarine from U-Boat Worx. The sub can dive up to 3,600 feet, but can explore beyond that with the Falcon ROV (remotely operated vehicle) by Saab Seaeye. Game Change also comes with a fully certified helideck and hangar for the included Airbus H130 T2 helicopter, which is equipped with a Shotover 8k camera system.

yacht kitchen view

All these changes didn’t affect the luxury of the yacht, though. In fact, Damen made large modifications to the boat’s guest and crew areas to improve comfort. Damen was glad to make the changes. As they explained, “It’s important that our vessels go beyond commercial ship standards and that’s exactly where our experience and yachting know-how sets us apart.”

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yacht gear room

bedroom view yacht

lounge view yacht

control room yacht

aerial view yacht

helipad in yacht