The IDA Pfeiffer Ice-Class Yacht is Adventure’s Firstmate

The IDA Pfeiffer project is a boat designed to be with you as you explore the expanses of the oceans and seas of the world (and with over 70 percent of the Earth’s surface being covered by water, there is plenty of exploration to be done).

The Pfeiffer is an ice-class vessel driven by diesel electric propulsion. The boat measures 70 meters in length, giving her plenty of space to enjoyably cruise through long-range voyages. The Pfeiffer is capable of voyages in excess of 7000 miles. And should your explorations require leaving the Pfeiffer, the yacht has capacity for numerous tenders, including an H135 helicopter with a hangar, two 14-metre tenders, two rescue boats, one dive support boat, and a Triton submarine. And don’t forget about the Icon water plane and up to two cars. A side launching garage and a large A-frame crane create access to these tenders.

ida pfeiffer ice class yacht pfeiffer ice

As for comfort, the owner’s suite provides all the amenities you can imagine. But that’s not all. There are also five additional VIP cabins on board. Up to 14 guests can easily reside aboard the Pfeiffer, along with 15 crew members.

ida pfeiffer ice class yacht feature

Capable of any climate, the Pfeiffer is meant more specifically for colder waters, such as the Arctic. The Pfeiffer only draws 3.75 meters with a beam of 12.75 meters, giving her the capability of operating in shallow waters. Additionally, the steel hull is able to withstand the blunt blows that can come from icy waters.

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ida pfeiffer ice class yacht speed

ida pfeiffer ice class yacht back

ida pfeiffer ice class yacht top view

ida pfeiffer ice class yacht design

ida pfeiffer ice class yacht shape

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