The Otam 85 GTS Performance Yacht has a lot Going for It

The Otam 85 GTS Performance Yacht has a lot going for it. For starters, you might consider its speed. Otam has been building a reputation for putting together fast yachts, and the 85 GTS further builds that story. The 85 GTS is capable of 45 knots, thanks to its twin 2,600 horsepower MTU engines and Arenson surface drives. Even its cruising speed is impressive, clocking in at 38 knots.

The next thing to consider with the 85 GTS is its two full-beam master suites. One of the suites sits forward, while the other is amid ship. Being onboard the 85 GTS means neither the owner nor the guests will have to settle for cramped cabins.

otam yacht front view

The exterior is just as spacious, with open lounging spaces both fore and aft. An broad transom opens into the swim platform. Adding to the feeling of expansiveness are the open windows of the hard top, which provide protection against the elements but still allow for cross ventilation. The wood planking adds elegance to the decks, especially in the bar and galley.

The design comes courtesy of French architect Joseph Dirand. Dirand used supercars as his initial inspiration for the craft—early drawings even included gull wing doors. When an interested client came forward requesting a little less of an aggressive look, Dirand toned down the supercar influence, dulling down some of the sharp angles and losing the gull wings.

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