There’s no Stopping the Iguana Classic 31

Iguanas are amazing creatures, and the Iguana Classic 31 lives up to that reputation. Like its namesake, the Iguana Classic 31 is comfortable both on land and in the water. The boat features yacht-worthy materials and construction techniques, yet it houses a surprise. With the flip of a switch, two treads, similar to tank treads, drop down from the bottom to allow the Classic to crawl out of the water over rock or sand to lounge on the beach in the sun.

iguana classic 31 on the river side

The belts of the tread are rubber and Kevlar, ensuring that they are strong and last long term, even when running through difficult and rugged terrain. The sprockets are marine grade stainless steel and the wheels are mounted in pairs on a carbon fiber suspension, so no worries about rust and corrosion. The frame, hull, and deck are also carbon fiber.

iguana classic 31 outlook

For the engine, you have the choice of a gas powered four cylinder electronic injection engine that has been coupled with three electronic hydraulic pumps, or you can go with the electric drive, which is powered by Active Thermal Management battery cells. The electric motor provides up to 10 days of run time—all with zero emissions.

iguana classic 31 engine controller

The boat also features all the amenities you need for an enjoyable day on the water or the beach. You’ll get GPS that also includes a sound system, deep sounder, map, and Bluetooth wireless streaming to Bose speakers.

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iguana classic 31 top view

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