The Trondheim 40 is the World’s First Electric Powered Trawler

The Trondheim 40 Trawler is the world’s first electric-powered trawler. This vessel was designed by Max Zhivov, who is known for his green designs.

This 12-metre trawler will be able to accommodate a variety of missions. It features a steel hull, which allows it to tackle icy, shallow waters such as the Norwegian Fjords or Alaska.

Capable of extended voyages, the Trondheim 40 is a versatile vessel. With the ability to withstand wave heights of up to 4 metres and heavy winds, this trawler can hold its own against rough weather.

Powered by two Deep Blue electric motors, this innovative vessel is nearly silent. It was designed with ecology and efficiency in mind. One of Zhivov’s primary goal with this boat was to build something that would help preserve nature and the ocean for future generations.

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The Trondheim 40 Trawler features two 64 Kwh large capacity batteries. They can produce enough juice to power the trawler for six hours. Because most expeditions last longer than six hours, there are also two Torqeedo 25 kWh high voltage generators on board. They provide a range of up to 2,500 nautical miles. The generators also help increase comfort and security. They power the onboard electronics and air conditioning and heating.

There is enough room for six passengers on the Trondheim 40 Trawler. It offers plenty of storage space thanks in part to the small size of the electric motors. The interior features Scandinavian design, which lends a stylish and modern look.

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