UBB x Oru Kayak Undercurrent Pack Allows You to Go From Box to Boat in Minutes

Have you ever been a situation where you needed a kayak and didn’t have one on hand? Common problem for very few it seems, but with the creation of the UBB x Oru Kayak Undercurrent Pack this problem you never knew you had will never be a problem again.

ubb x oru kayak undercurrent pack oru kayak

That’s because they put an entire, foldable kayak into a 28 inch wide box that is relatively light and easy to transport from the back of the car to wherever that rushing river or seashore is located. It folds easily from inside the box into the full boat in mere minutes, has a pair of bulkheads for extra rigidity and comes with a lightweight, adjustable paddle with a fiberglass shaft. The box comes with a shoulder strap to make the transport from storage to construction incredibly efficient. Once constructed, there is a comfortable foam backrest and an easy to adjust footrest for kayakers of different heights. Still, models are sold in sizes, like T-shirts, ranging between Small and Xtra Large.

Oru design even printed an amazing black and white pattern for the outside of the kayak, mirroring the patterns made on the surface of invitingly choppy water. This is truly a unique and amazing product that will allow you freedom you never knew you never had.

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