Vela Concept Yacht Let’s You Watch Movies on its Sails

Have you ever noticed that our greatest nautical tales don’t involve boats that are powered by motors and engines? The great adventure and even romance stories of our time all involve boats that used the wind for propulsion, not diesel-powered turbines. Award-winning Italian designer Gianmarco Cardia takes us back to that romantic form of travel with his new Vela concept yacht.

lounge view vela yacht

The Vela is a sail-powered yacht that uses a DynaRig mast system. The mast system consists of two DynaRig masts centred in the middle of the yacht. The system holds an impressive 1,850 square meters of sails. For those calm days on the water, the Vela also has a hybrid propulsion system.

The hull hasn’t been built yet, but the engineering is set up for a top speed of 21 knots when both the sails and the hybrid propulsion system work together.

side view concept yacht

Vela will be an 80-foot vessel with room for up to ten guests in four cabins and an owner’s suite. In addition to the accommodations, the yacht will feature a spa, a water-level beach club with a bar, and a gym. And since there will be all that white space from the sails, the Vela will come equipped with an outdoor movie theatre so that you can watch all those swash-buckling and pirate movies you’ve come to love.

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vela yacht