The Wally Tango Sailing Yacht Combines Speed and Luxury in a Perfect Dance

When it comes to luxury boats, there are a number of companies out there that can supply you with reliable seafaring vessels—but one of the best may be Wally, who have some of the more unique super yachts on the market. Perhaps one of the most notable in their fleet is the Wally Cento #4 aka Tango, a further evolution in the box-ruled high performance super yachts. From the way the Tango runs to the luxury and layout onboard, everything has improved in the way these cruiser racers operate and those onboard can enjoy them.

wally tango sailing yacht perfect dance

For example, the flat, open deck plan allows those who are operating the yacht itself much more room to maneuver, improving overall functionality and making the whole sailing experience much more efficient. Things like the hull stiffness has also been improved, the structural weight has been reduced and whole shape also reduces drag as the Tango moves through the water. On the luxury front, all the quarters below deck are top of the line with two bedrooms, one with a queen sized bed and another with two twin beds. There is also a living room/dining room combo with a couch and a table, as well as a full bath.

wally tango sailing yacht luxury design

In short the Tango lives up to it’s name, gliding beautifully through the water while also allowing those on board to relax in high class comfort.

Check it out

wally tango sailing yacht high class comfort

wally tango sailing yacht luxury room

wally tango sailing yacht bed room

wally tango sailing yacht side view

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