Watervilla Houseboat Realizes a Dream

“After many nights, sitting at the jetty, it was clear to me, I wanted to live on the water,” explains Marcel Neugebauer, founder of Wohnschiff Manufaktur. That desire to live on the water was the impetus that became the starting point for Wohnschiff. Since then, the company has been living up to its philosopy of only building “ships in which we would also like to live.” That includes the 24 meter Watervilla Houseboat.


Each boat that Wohnschiff makes employs masters in their fields—including architects, engineers, and craftsmen. Wohnschiff focuses on using natural materials that are free of pollutants to create healthy indoor living climates. They use aluminum hulls so as to not need to use toxic anti-rust treatments. The insulation they use is made from wood, and they use LED lighting. All of their furniture is made from wood and made individually to fit your specified measurements. Wohnschiff also outfits their boats with solar energy and an optional fireplace or you can use a heat exchanger. For the Watervilla, you can choose the layout, which has plenty of space for up to four people. You can also opt for an infrared sauna and a Smart Home system with electronic access control.

Watervilla Houseboat

If you can relate to the desire to live on the water, then why not trust your dream to someone who shares it?

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