What’s Better than a Luxurious but Traditional Sea-Faring Yacht? The Foiler Flying Yacht

Foiler wants you to raise your standards. Don’t just assume that because you’re on a yacht you have to bounce with and amongst the waves below. With the Folier Flying Yacht you can sail above the surf at 40 knots in full comfort. An innovate propulsion system combining dual diesel and electric engines, the Foiler Yacht commands over 640 horsepower. This is a complete redefinition of sailing.

foiler flying yacht high speed

The hydro-foiling system allows this vessel to traverse the seas 1.5 meters above the water, optimizing power, speed, and experience.

Performance isn’t all that Foiler is offering with this ship – no, it goes much further than that. Aboard the flying yacht, enjoy a unique sense of serenity and luxury, even at high-speeds.

foiler flying yacht side view

Anchored in the water by an extensive and impressive quad-foil system, the Foiler is surprisingly easy to control and maneuver, even for more novice seafarers.

With all of these offerings, the Foiler is giving you a chance to live out your dreams, the chance to fly across the seas in style.

Check it out

foiler flying yacht design

foiler flying yacht flying speed

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