Mazu’s ThirtyEight Model Yacht Offers both Luxury and Speed

If you’re in the market for a yacht — and honestly, who isn’t these days? — then you’ll want to familiarize yourself with Mazu, a Turkish yacht-building company full of craftsman known for making the finest luxury vessels on the market entirely by hand. They build a number of different super yacht models, most varying in size and onboard amenities. But for those who want a ship that is the epitome of luxury yet also efficiently moves about on the high seas, the Mazu ThirtyEight Yacht is undoubtedly your best bet.

mazu thirtyeight model yacht speed

With an overall length of 39 feet, the vessel is not one of those gargantuan ships that requires a ton of room at each port you stop in for a few days; in fact, it looks more like a speedboat on steroids then your classic superyacht. The dual inboard motors are top of the line Volvo Pinta IPS, which are world renowned amongst leisure boat owners for their handling, reliability and overall performance.

mazu thirtyeight model yacht luxury seat

As for accommodations, the top deck is left uncovered for the Captain to drive in the open sea air, surrounded by seating for passengers to make the most of their time onboard. Below deck is a stylishly designed master bedroom and a full bathroom that is on par with any luxury hotel suite, complete with skylights that open the space up as much as possible, to alleviate any feeling of being in a confined space.

mazu thirtyeight model yacht luxury bedroom

With the Mazu ThirtyEight yacht you can travel from place to place in comfort and style much more easily than any other super yacht on the market. Remember, anyone can party and vacation anywhere. It’s how you get there that makes all the difference.

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mazu thirtyeight model yacht luxury wash room

mazu thirtyeight model yacht driving control

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