Bombtrack Multix Tool

All bicycle riders should take this Multix tool along each time they ride. It is sold as a single tool or as a kit with a leather roll, patches and additional tire levers. Small enough to tuck into a bag. Don’t be stuck somewhere on a bike path without the means to make a repair. It comes in black or brown, is made of 45C steel and leather and measures 185 x 50mm. Included are a 5mm, 6mm hex bit, a 17mm axle wrench, 14mm, 15mm open wrench, a lockring tool and a 3.3mm spoke tool. The tool itself is light to carry, weighing in at 231g. The tool roll, which is optional, includes x2 steel reinforced nylon tire levers and x6 self-adhesive repair patches.

bombtrack multix tool all part

bombtrack multix tool body shape

bombtrack multix tool wrench

bombtrack multix tool wrench bag