Boost Your Commute with Boosted Board 2

Australia, this one’s got your name written all over it. Indeed, skateboarders, thrill seekers and urban commuters alike can benefit from a Boosted Board. The battery-powered electric skateboard, now in its second generation, is quite simply a marvel to behold. And starting later this year, Boosted Board 2 Australian owners will finally start receiving their Dual+ extension packs. Yes, this is definitely a good time to be alive and riding!

boosted board hit right out of the gate

The original Boosted Board was a hit right out of the gate, but it did leave a few things to be desired. Hence, Boosted Board 2 made noted improvements in those departments. Most importantly, the second generation model introduced the following: an interchangeable battery, smartphone compatibility and water-resistant electronics. With these tweaks, a great thing became even greater. Helping make a greater thing even greater were features such as an improved drivetrain, slightly larger motor, modular components, stronger acceleration, better braking and just an all around smoother performance.

boosted board 2 opening the screw

However, what had Australia Boosted Board 2 owners raving the most was that battery. The board comes with two options–a standard battery for shorter travel and an extended battery for longer commutes. The two can be swapped out in minutes. Pair the battery with a belt drive system and multiple ride modes and you’re coasting like a champion with all sorts of control at your disposal. Those belts, by the way, are quiet and optimal. The system in general increases the motor’s torque by 3x. Toss in the soon-to-be-available Boosted Dual+ pack and you’re soaring up those hills at 4 times the power of a Tour de France rider.

boosted board 2 engine

Needless to say, the Boosted Board 2 is a veritable juggernaut in every which way. The Dual+ version has 2000 watts of power at its disposal and can achieve speeds of 35km/hr (i.e. 22mph). It has regenerative braking. It can zoom up hills with 25% acceleration. It’s built using sturdy bamboo. In other words, this baby is swift, durable and optimal. That’s probably why people like Casey Neistat can’t stop raving about it. Heck, pretty much anybody who owns one can’t stop singing its praises.

Australia and Boosted Board 2 seem like a match made in heaven. After all, we Aussies are largely an outdoor culture. Even as cities develop around us, we duly maintain our sense of adventure. Whether it be biking, hiking, surfing or skateboarding, we live for the rush of adrenaline when it comes to our modes of transport. Boosted Board 2 takes that spirit and infuses it with a stronger degree of performance and precision. Never before have we been able to climb that hill faster, or board through an urban terrain with such alacrity.

The best part? Boosted Board kept things relatively affordable. The Dual+ version starts around $1499 USD and the Dual version starts around $1299 USD. Sure, that’s a price tag that might make you hesitate, but it sure as heck beats the price of a car. For all the urban warriors out there, Boosted Board 2 gives your commute a proper boost, minus the annoying parking fees.

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