Boosted Boards Releases Rev Their First Electric Scooter

One of the world’s foremost electric vehicle companies is finally getting a scooter. It goes by the name of Boosted Rev and it’s currently available for pre-order. Like everything else from the brand, Rev will be fast, safe, durable, fun, and absolutely perfect for a swath of urban terrains. Between the iconic design, responsive controls, custom-built components, and proprietary powertrain technology, this thing will likely hit the pavement and soar past the competition in no time at all. We can’t wait.

Boosted Rev

Boosted never slouches in the performance department and it has no reason to start now. To that end, Rev features dual wheel drive and the aforementioned powertrain, which collectively deliver considerable thrust and a top speed of 24 mph. What’s more, the scooter can both climb and descend 25% grade hills with virtually unparalleled ease. Thanks to a long-lasting battery, meanwhile, you can expect 22 miles of range out of a single charge.

Boosted Rev folded

To ensure absolute usability, Boosted equipped each Rev with an intuitive Throttle Wheel for one-handed acceleration and braking. Also featured are an LED display and custom-designed folding mechanism, making the scooter as effortless to tuck away as it is to operate. Currently available for pre-order, Boosted Rev will arrive soon and retail for AUD$2,499.95.

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Boosted Rev throttle

Boosted Rev wheel

Boosted Rev