Bumblebee’s Badass Brother – Chevy Fireball 900 Camaro

We all were amazed when we saw the first Transformers movie, where Sam Witwicky’s Camaro transformed into Bumblebee. Or some of you may have been more amazed by that Megan Fox scene. Nevertheless, the Camaro has been one of the most popular American muscle car in today’s market. It is definitely a muscle head’s first pick. The guys at Fireball had a goal of constructing the fastest streetwear in the world that is street legal and track ready. And I must say, they definitely took a giant leap in the right direction. This Chevy Fireball 900 Camaro has 990 flywheel horsepower, which is a monstrous upgrade from its predecessors. It contains 340 more horsepower than the Camaro ZI1, and 485 more than the Camaro Z28.

chevy fireball 900 camaro burnout gas

This supercharged 6th generation Camaro was launched at the SEMA show in Las Vegas earlier this month. Its other features include drag radial tires, a custom camshaft, high flow catalytic converters, and custom hood and badging along with an aluminium drive shaft and high strength axles. With all this, you might be thinking, alright, how deep would my pockets have to be? Not too deep for this bad boy, 90k to be exact.

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front view of chevy fireball 900 camaro