1000 Angry Horses Power the 2019 Yenko Stage II Chevy Camaro

Camaro lovers know that if you want the very best Camaro possible, you look for a Yenko. The 2019 Yenko Stage II Chevy Camaro is the final bit of evidence that there really isn’t any competition that can keep up with the Yenko.

The Yenko name went through a rough patch, but fortunately, it was picked up by Specialty Vehicle Engineering. SVE had a steep hill to climb if they wanted to improve on the already impressive 2019 Camaro. But they did, and with room to spare. Under SVE’s care, the 2019 Camaro added some muscle—to the tune of a total 1,000 horsepower, a full 350 more horsepower over the standard ZL1. (If that sounds like too much, you can opt for the still impressive 835 horsepower Stage 1 Model.) That added performance comes courtesy of the supercharged, custom-built 416 C.I.D. LT-1 engine that SVE crammed under the hood. The Yenko comes with a standard six-speed manual transmission, or in an automatic if you prefer.

The livery of the Yenko includes the iconic stripes on the hood and down the side. Nine colour options are available. Special badging to identify the Yenko and the Stage is prolific as well.

The Yenkos will be available through Chevy dealers in the US, but only 25 of each, Stage I and Stage II, will be made. The Stage II starts at USD$66,995, but that doesn’t include the USD$44,995 you’ll have to pay to pick up the SS 1LE base.

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