1959 Ferrari 410 Superamerica Series III Fetches Over $5 Million at Auction

Ferrari has also been the ride of choice for upscale gentlemen of passion and taste. And while that’s (more or less) as true now as it’s ever been, older models like the 1959 410 Superamerica Series III are nearly impossible to match. For starters, only twelve Series III models were created and no two were alike. That’s not to mention how distinguished the ride remains to this day. At first sight, a man feels nearly obliged to say aloud, “they just don’t make them like that anymore”. It’s therefore no wonder that one example just went for nearly $5.5 million through Sotheby’s. We consider it money well spent and envy the person who spent it.

ferrari 410 engine

Touted as the ‘ultimate road-going Ferrari of the Jet Age’ upon its debut, the 410 Superamerica Series III was blatantly crafted with the true connoisseur in mind. With its super-coupe design and a race-derived 4.9 litre Lampredi V-12 engine under the skin, the luxury car represented (and still represents) the ideal meeting ground between top performance and indisputable elegance. The particular model that just sold was chassis number 1305 SA, which hosted unique features like competition-style headlamps and rear fenders with one-off taillights. On the inside are comfortable seats of prime Naturale leather.

ferrari 410 seats and steering

As one might imagine, the 1305 SA variant has a storied history of distinguished ownership. In addition to being passed around from one wealthy collector to the next, it was featured in Dyke W. Ridgley’s book about the 410 Superamerica Series. The car also underwent a full restoration in the 70s that included a new paint scheme of British Racing Green with yellow striping that remains to this day. Meanwhile, the odometer currently reads 57,305 miles. Knowing how meticulous and obsessive those vintage car collectors can be, we see that number going up to 60,000 tops before the car hits the auction block again.

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ferrari 410 car green color

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