This 1976 Lamborghini Countach LP 400 Periscopio is Exotic Car Perfection

Everyone has heard of the Italian Exotic Sports car brand Lamborghini and the most popular model of Lamborghini, by far, is the Countach, due primarily to it’s doors that open up like wings of some near-future science fiction tale’s spaceship. However, within the 16 year production run of the Countach, one particular year stood out from all the restand that was the 1976 LP 400 Periscopio, as it looks almost identical to the original model of Countach that made such waves when it was first introduced in Geneva in 1971.

front side of lamborghini countach lp 400 car

Beautifully constructed and remarkably maintained, this Countach LP 400 Periscopio has only had a few owners, one of whom was a paraplegic who had spaceship-type controls installed to allow him to drive it to it’s full potential on the open road. Owners after that had most of these special controls removed but everything else in the remarkable vehicle remains from it’s original release—from the engine to the seats to the chassis. And while these vehicles are tough to drive regularly, due to the vulnerability to damage, it’s storage was done in a climate controlled facility, with it’s fluid regularly replaced by professional mechanics.

steering of lamborghini countach lp 400 car

In a way, stepping into a 1976 LP 400 Periscopio like this is almost like stepping back in time, which is appropriate considering the look of this model of Countach is almost a dead-ringer for the pop-culture time machine of the DeLorean—only more beautiful.

Check it out

wheel of lamborghini countach lp 400 car

 lamborghini countach lp 400 car gear

 lamborghini countach lp 400 car engine

top lamborghini countach lp 400 car

indicator lamborghini countach lp 400 car

roof lamborghini countach lp 400 car

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