1985 Lancia Delta S4 Stradale Coupe Was Built for a Purpose

Conquering the Group B World Rally Championship was the singular purpose behind the 1985 Lancia Delta S4 Stradale Coupe. This tough, no frills car ended up placing third in 1985. But in 1986, their purpose was accomplished, and Lancia came home with the title, until the victory was vacated after a technical inspection invalidated the race result.

steering wheel lancia

In order for the car to be considered for the race, it first had to be homologated, meaning that Lancia built 200 road-going examples. The car featured a 1.8 liter four cylinder engine that was mid mounted and had both turbo- and supercharging (twin charging) and was capable of 480 horsepower. The entire back half of the car lifts up to give access to the engine. All-wheel-drive combined with a short wheelbase and low curb weight meant that the driver needed quick reflexes, but also made the car perfect for twisty roads.

chair view lancia

Petrology is currently offering one of the 46 remaining versions of this car. Strikingly, the car has never been restored, which seems impossible given its immaculate condition.

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