side view Mercedes-Benz

1991 Mercedes-Benz 250GD Wolf on the Prowl

What’s in a name? Just about everything. While the name “G-Wagen” may be descriptive of the Mercedes-Benz SUV, calling it the “Wolf” is a much better decision, especially in consideration of what this machine is capable of. Expedition Motor Company has become a specialist in the world of restoring Mercedes-Benz vehicles like the Wolf. They have earned the reputation of meticulously maintaining that original and ageless look of the Wolf while also adapting the vehicle to the needs of the modern world. In the case of the 250GD Wolf, they invest almost 1,000 man hours in pulling off a full frame-off restoration. The OM602 Diesel engine was completely broken down into its component parts to be cleaned and then painstakingly put back together. The engine was mated with a five-speed 711.117 transmission. On the outside, the Wolf received a stunning royal blue color to pair with the black canvas soft top. The interior features a brown vinyl finish.

Mercedes-Benz front

Expedition celebrates the iconic history of high quality vehicles that make up Mercedes-Benz’s history. Their favorite, of course, is the 250GD Wolf. When they work on these former military vehicles, Expedition has one vision in mind, to update the Wolf “with tasteful features and a hint of refinement.” The result is a “customized Mercedes G-Class by EMC can be called rugged luxury.”

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steering wheel Mercedes-Benz

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Mercedes-Benz wheel

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