Michael Schumacher’s 1998 Ferrari F300 Goes Up for Auction

It’s not every day that a race-winning Formula 1 Ferrari driven by Michael Schumacher goes up for sale, but if you’ve got some loose change lying around – to the tune of USD$6 Million – then now’s your chance to grab a piece of history. While the car might’ve settled for second place during the 1998 World Championship – Mikka Hakkinen took home the victory in the last race of the season at Suzuka – its six wins foreshadowed the dominance Ferrari would achieve in years to come thanks to the brand’s state-of-the-art aerodynamics.

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Ferrari f300 f1 car michael schumacher

Image: RM Sotheby’s

Ferrari F300 Specifications

Engine: 2996.62cc Ferrari Tipo 047/B/C 80-degree V10
Transmission: Ferrari seven-speed longitudinal semi-automatic sequential
Power: 805 hp (600 kW) @ 17,300 rpm
Weight: 600kg (1.34 hp/kg)
Driver: Michael Shumacher
Wins: Argentina, Canada, France, Great Britain, Hungary and Italy

The Ferrari F300 was also the first time we saw the new 2996.62cc Ferrari Tipo 047/B/C 80-degree V10 debut – and before you even ask, check out the video above for all the 17,000+ rpm goodness. Producing north of 600 kW at the wheels and weighing in at just 600 kg soaking wet, the power-to-weight ratio of the car is almost twice that of a Bugatti Chiron 552.8 kW/kg vs. 1000 kW/kg. In essence, it’s like strapping yourself to a rocket and then cornering at 4g, unbelievable stuff.

Marked as chassis number 187, the car saw its first victory at the Canadian GP, where Schumacher won by some 16 seconds, because of course he did. Next came the French and British GPs, where Shuey wrestled the car around a soaking wet Silverstone Circuit before pitting on the last lap and crossing the start/finish line before serving a five-second penalty ahead of Hakkinen and winning the race. Footage from the race is some of the best you’ll ever see, and surely justifies the car’s USD$6-8 Million auction estimate based on RM Sotheby’s prediction.

Win the auction and you’ll be stung with a buyer’s premium of 12 per cent of the hammer price up to and including $250,000, or 10 per cent of the hammer price in excess of $250,000. Not that it matters to the buyer, who will likely treat this one as mere chump change. More information on the car in question can be found via the link below.

Check it out

Ferrari f300 f1 car michael schumacher rear end

Image: RM Sotheby’s

Ferrari f300 f1 car michael schumacher cockpit

Image: RM Sotheby’s

Ferrari f300 f1 car michael schumacher side

Image: RM Sotheby’s

Ferrari f300 f1 car michael schumacher on track

Image: Ferrari

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