This 2010 Land Rover Defender is Back in Black

This Cool & Vintage Land Rover rebuild is based on a 2010 model Defender purchased from its original owner on the tropical island of Madeira, southwest of Portugal.

The Defender was fully disassembled down to the very last bolt. Then everything was restored and thoroughly checked before reassembly. The Cool & Vintage team were looking to create a deep 60’s feeling so the vehicle was finished in three coats of custom solid black paint and all the cappings were galvanised.

land rover front

The 2010 Defender was customised with a bespoke cognac leather interior and an exceptionally high-quality Cool & Vintage dark brown mohair soft top. The soft top and all of the leather was carefully done with English old style stitching. The Land Rover was also fitted with heavy duty wheels and 5 BF Goodrich Mud tires.

After the final test drive and photo shoot, the Defender was marked with a code, and this one is build N67. A Certificate of Authenticity is issued with the car, and C&V placed it within a Lisbon aluminium plaque on the fender that attests all of the build quality processes were respected.

land rover side

Cool & Vintage has created another winner that will inspire its owner to explore and will absolutely turn heads on the street. Hopefully whoever buys this bad boy remembers to wash it after their next off-road adventure.

In other off-road news, this Military edition Defender honours the troops, and the Land Rover Defender SVX “Spectre” is perfect…for a Bond villian!

Check it out


land rover rear

land rover extra tire

back side of land rover seats

steering of land rover

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