The 2017 Lexus LC 500 Coupe Represents the Pinnacle of Japanese Artistry

The all-new Lexus LC 500 Coupe represents a greater synergy between engineering and design and also symbolises the beginning of a new phase for the luxury lifestyle brand.

The LC 500 has been crafted with exceptional quality and finish, both hallmarks of Lexus’ world renowned Takumi master craftsmen. Takumi translates from Japanese to mean artisan. The artisan’s expert scrutiny is ever-present throughout the production and execution of each coupe – a fact that  Lexus flaunts just as much as the finished product. Who can blame them?

lexus lc 500 side view

The sleek yet muscular exterior of the LC 500 is defined by a strikingly curvaceous, aerodynamic body and flowing roofline. Built with a low, wide silhouette that casts down to the powerful spindle grille, bordered by chrome.

The evocative exterior is matched by a luxury cockpit that incorporates high-quality trim and a dramatic driver’s seat that cocoons the driver, with an ultra-low hip point. The interior has been upholstered with Alcantara, for a superior luxury feel, abrasion resistance and durability. LC chief designer Tadao Mori has described the steering wheel as a ‘piece of art’, uniquely crafted to give the driver an ideal elliptical grip.

interior of lexus lc 500 car

Performance wise, the LC 500 line-up consists of two variants – A quad-cam V8 model that can dash from 0-100 in just 4.7 seconds and consumes 11.6L of fuel per 100km. The V6 LC 500h model utilises the Multi-Stage Hybrid System to speed from 0 to 100 in 5 seconds flat and consumes 6.7L every 100km. Drivers will contend with a 10-speed automatic transmission, a rear spoiler which automatically deploys at 80km/h and an aural boost that welcomes the V8 growl into the cabin – just a few of the really cool exclsuive features.

wheels of lexus lc 500 car

The Lexus LC 500 Coupe has already launched Australia heralding a new, dynamic direction for the Japanese luxury marque. Both models are priced from $190k. In case you were wondering, the LC stands for Luxury Coupe.

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white lexus lc 500 car back

door handle lexus lc 500 car

orange color lexus lc 500 car

lexus lc 500 car clothes

door lexus lc 500 car

display lexus lc 500 car

indicator of lexus lc 500 car

mirror of lexus lc 500 car

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