2018 First North American McLaren Senna is Finally Delivered

One lucky guy in New York is the first in North America to receive one of the only five hundred 2018 North American McLaren Sennas. Titled as the most extreme road car ever built, the McLaren Senna comes to Michael Fux, who is a well known entrepreneur, philanthropist, and car collector. The Senna comes with plenty of bespoke content, created by the McLaren Special Operations division.

front view vehicle mclaren senna

The Senna features a full visual carbon fiber body that has been tinted to a custom green color—“Fux Green.” That green is carried into the interior, where it complements the bright white leather facia, seats, door uppers, and steering wheel. Blue and red wheel center lock nuts and ball polished wheels contrast with the green on the exterior.

steering wheel and upholstery view mclaren

Taking on the title of the world’s most extreme road car ever built isn’t something McLaren does lightly, as evidenced by the car’s performance. The 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine produces 789 horsepower with 590 lb-ft of torque. In just 2.7 seconds, you’ll hit 60 miles per hour; in 6.8 you’ll be flying down the road at 124 miles per hour. At such performance levels, downward force is a must, but between the front aero blades and an active rear wing, the car has 1,763.7 pounds of downforce. The Senna’s light weight of only 2,641 pounds is due in part to its Monocage II, a carbon “tub” that makes the Senna the lightest McLaren since the F1.

Check it out

wheel view mclaren senna

senna mclaren back view car

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