2019 Nissan Leaf Bound for Australian Shores

This is the world's most popular electric vehicle.

Announced at an event earlier today at Carriageworks, Redfern, Nissan Australia revealed that their internationally acclaimed electric vehicle, the Leaf, is due to touch down in Australia early next year.

The small vehicle has enjoyed huge success across Europe, so much so that demand in European countries had stalled the release of the vehicle down under, due to a lack of supply.

2019 nissan leaf car back

Tipped to come in at a shade over AUD$50,000, it is approximately half the cost of its biggest competitor in the EV marketplace, which is currently manufactured by Tesla. This is not to say that the two are wholly comparable, however. The Nissan Leaf, though with a new 40kW battery, a hefty upgrade from its first generation predecessor, has a range of only 270 kilometres, and doesn’t boast the same zippy 0-100 stats as its Tesla brethren.

Research by Nissan indicates, however, that this will not affect consumer behaviour in Australia, as most commuters travel less than forty kilometres a day, and recharge their cars each night, just like their smartphones.

2019 nissan leaf car side

While an exact date has not been given yet, it will be interesting to see just how many loyal EV fans will hold off purchasing a new vehicle until the Leaf is officially made available to the public in the coming months.

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