2019 Trophy Truck Desert Storm Prowls the Course

It’s hard to argue that Trophy Trucks aren’t the King of the Off-Road. Trophy Trucks are made for high-speed off-road racing, and are intended for desert racing. Typically, these trucks feature long travel suspensions and high power engines, but even though the production class is open for these off-roaders, most end up looking pretty much the same. The Desert Storm Trophy Truck by EPTA Design took a different look at these off-road racers.

top view truck

There are a lot of similarities between Desert Storm and other Trophy Trucks. It’s hard not to include a high ground clearance and huge all-terrain tyres. You also need a pretty tough suspension system and a roll cage for safety. You also need someplace to put extra tyres, and the bed is a logical place. And as a racer, you’re not going to include a lot of the frills and doo-dads of other cars. But that’s where Desert Storm starts to separate from the rest of the pack.

Desert Storm has a much more aerodynamic design to it that gives off a bit of an American Muscle Car vibe—think 1960s era Mustangs, Chargers, or Camaros. The truck is sinister, especially with its matte black finish. Floodlights on the roof will light up the entire countryside, or run stealthily with its thin headlights.

Exposed carbon fibre body panels tie into the roof and the floodlights. This isn’t just a racing truck, it’s a predator ready to take down the competition.

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desert storm truck