2020 Chevrolet Corvette Mid-Engine Has Been a Long Time Coming

For the past 50 years, rumours and promises about the next mid-engine Corvette have abounded. As of April 11, however, all of that has come to a screeching halt. General Motors CEO Mary Barra made the official announcement of the long-awaited icon’s return at a charity event in New York City honouring firefighters and first responders killed in the 911 attack on the World Trade Center. Barra announced that the new Corvette will make its debut on July 18.

front mi engine corvette

A few renderings have been released, and there are even photos of very camouflaged prototypes out there to tease the excited masses. There aren’t many details available. According to some sources, the C8 will sell somewhere in the USD$60,000 to USD$70,000 range. It may come with a newer version of the existing Corvette LT1 6.2-litre V8—an engine capable of around 500 horsepower.

Other rumours state that Chevy is working on a new twin-turbo overhead-cam V8, possibly with a flat-plane crankshaft.

back of chevrolet corvette

Rumours of a hybrid version with a small battery and electric motor to decrease fuel consumption and to enable all-wheel drive are also floating around. Most likely the C8 will be a dual-clutch vehicle, and could use a seven-speed gearbox. You just might see a Targa roof on the C8, which shouldn’t be a surprise since removable rooves are almost a mainstay for Corvettes.

chevrolet corvette

There’s plenty to conjecture about, but one thing’s for certain—the C8 is finally coming.

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