2020 Lister Race Car Concept Builds on a Rich Knobbly History

Back in the mid-1950s, race enthusiasts were talking about one name—Lister. The British specialist automaker was building Jaguar-based road and racing cars. Their Knobbly racecar was said to be one of the most successful racecars of the day. Named for its round contours, the Knobbly rose to international fame.

Some 60 years later, the car company is back at it, announcing a new version of the Knobbly. They’ve stayed largely true to the original, keeping the topless cockpit as well as the low and wide stance. The wheel arches remain voluptuously curvy, and the exhaust is still side mounted. But the similarities shouldn’t mislead you–this car looks like it is taking full advantage of advances in aerodynamics.

The new Knobbly also appears to be using advanced materials, like carbon fibre around the base and modern wheels. The wide grille seems to hint at a high-horsepower engine, which will most likely be a Jaguar (Lister hasn’t been making Knobblys in the last few decades, but they have been taking Jaguars to the limits with mods and enhancements, so it makes sense that they would stick with what they know).

Lister has been fairly tight-lipped about the project, but they have teased a few images and made some ambiguous statements. Regardless of their intentions, this is a project that many racing fans—especially vintage racing fans—would like to see hit the ground running.

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